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In what price and performance range will teh 660 be in?

Will the 660 be less than $275 and better than the 7850?? What a bout the ti version

Where is it in this chart



3. 570

4. 7850

5. 580
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    First of all, the 580 has been discontinued by Nvidia and it's pricing are outdated and really irrelavent.

    the 660 is rumored to be priced around $300, just over your $275, and should perform above a 7850. how much above, no one really knows. given how the 670 is encroaching on Nvidia's 680 sales, I doubt the 660 will be an amazing performer like the 670. but it should still be faster than the 7850

    EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention, as far as performance goes, I think Nvidia will try to shoot for 580 performance. but it could end up slightly slower, we don't know for sure unless there's more details
  2. Okay so I will get a 7850 because it is $50 cheaper and will do what i want for less than the 660 :)
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  4. good choice! especially with so little details on the 660. good luck!
  5. Okay thank you
  6. anybody read this ? there's more info.... something like 4 different models but don't remember site.
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