Low fps - gtx 670?

I just bought a gtx 670 and fired it up to see what difference it would make to my old gtx 260. The first thing I tried was ArmA 2, and did a benchmark to compare it to another one I saw with the gtx 670 on the internet.

That guy got an avarage of 69 fps, and I set it to exactly the same settings, but on 1366x762 rather than 1920x1080.. and I turned out to get whole 35fps.

Specs: gtx 670
quad Q9550 2,8ghz
4gb ram
Chieftec 650W
win 7

Is it my cpu that pulls me down? If it turns out to be so, I can deliver my GPU back and buy a cheaper one and a CPU, or I can hang on with low fps untill I got money for a CPU.

Thanks for help!
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  1. You need to overclock your CPU, the Q9550 apparently bottlenecks the 670. Aim for at least 3.5ghz+
  2. That crappy processor lol
  3. CPU bottleneck. I also have a q9550(soon to be replaced) and it bottlenecks my gtx 580. If you do a cpu upgrade you'll need a motherboard and possibly memory aswell.
  4. i have evga gtx 660 ftw signature 2 3gb and seems this is top what q9550 @ stock can balance with. i am getting 95% cpu/gpu usage. maybe i would be able to pull off 660ti but yeah gtx 670 is probably too much for stock q9550

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