PSU upgrade for GTS450

I'm upgrading my GPU from a 9800GT to a GTS450 (GDDR5 ver) which I managed to get off a friend cheaply but the problem is now I believe my current PSU is incompatible due to the Amps on the 12v are just too low (requirements is 22Amps).

This (generic) 500 WATT ATX POWER SUPPLY. Will this work? I cannot really afford my computer to go bang just yet.

Additional PC spec;
CPU: i5-760 (with intel generic heatsink)
disc drive:SH-S223L

If you could offer another better suggestion, my max price range is £35 and ideally at least 450w.
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  1. Hi. Do not go with that PSU unless you want to risk your PC to go bang. Go with the XFX ProSeries Core Edition 450W for a couple of £ more.

    If you really must buy from Amazon, then get the CX430.
  2. The problem with that PSU is that it's not really a 450W PSU. It's MAX power output is 450W but i would be surprised if it's continuous output was even 350W if that. For that card (or any card that requires external power) I would suggest a power supply with AT LEAST 500 Watts of continuous power and preferably a single rail design with at least 38 amps on the rail. Afew suggestions would be <I use this in a C2Q/GTX-260 Rig and am very happy with it.

    These are all 80+ Bronze units as well.
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