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Gtx 670 running slow

i have zotac gtx 670 (clocked at915mhz,memory 1502mhz,980mhz boost) running at pcie2.0 at 16x single card ,i am experiencing slow performance than i saw in benchmarks of toms are some games that i played

batman arkham city(in game benchmark tool) 1.03 DirectX 11 1920x1080, 4xMSAA Preset: High Settings no PhysX ,i am getting 80 instead of 153

GTA IV EFLC DirectX 9(in game benchmark tool) 1920x1080, AFx8, Settings medium Texure Quality High Distance 35, Traffic 35 ,fps scored 42 avg instead of 66

Mafia 2 DirectX 9(in game benchmark tool) 1920x1080, AA, AFx8 Shadows medium, Geometry medium Ambient Occusion on, no PhysX,fps scored 73 instead of 80

DiRT 3 DirectX 11(in game benchmark tool) 1920x1080, 4xMSAA Quality Preset: High ,fps scored 102 avg instead of 169

Crysis 2 DirectX 11(fraps benchmark) 1920x1080, 2x AA, AFx16, Quality ExtremeHighRes Textures Off iam getting 65 avg fps instead of 73

Battlefield 3 DirectX 11(fraps benchmark) 1920x1080 Graphic Quality: High Field Of View: 75 fps scored 90 instead of 88

although it did well in bf3 and crysis 2 .but why so slow in some thing bottlenecking it.

my pc specs- q9650 3.0ghz ,
msip45 platinum mobo,
regular seagate sata- 1tb hdd,500gb x2 ,1tb wd regular,500gb wd
7 cooler master 120mm led fans,
saga 2 500 power supply 550 maxload.
running windows 7 professional 32 bit
gtx 670 by zotac

my q9650 3.0ghz doesnt load to its 100% in any of the above game and i think power supply is enough .then whts the reason for slow performance

please help me to find the answer ,thanks in advance
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    One of the reasons is because your CPU is an older one and it's causing it to bottleneck the GPU. Your RAM and HDD are other contributing factors as well as to why you have poorer performance. The review in Tom's uses the most modern components like DDR3 RAM, i7 CPU's, SSD's and such. Those factors make a big difference compared to yesteryears tech that you have besides the card. OC your CPU more and it should gain you a few FPS more.
  2. i oced my processor from 3.0 to 3.5 ran same batman ac, mafia 2 only 2-4 fps increase.this is negligible .what i am talking abt is see the difference between 80 and 153 its almostdouble ,in dirt3 its 60fps diff. none of the game uses 100% usage of my processor only reaches to 85% in stock its nothing to do with clock speeds of processor.but perhaps ur right but i need some benchmark report to confirm it .if there is significant increase in performance on changing processor architechture ,ram
    i have to buy i7 setup.
  3. What else is new?

    On a serious note, your GPU looks to be b-necked a tad by everything else. And you can forget about GTA4. Anything short of an i7 Extreme would get you to 60fps.
  4. To get the most out of your GTX 670, I would suggest upgrading your entire system including buying a Solid State Drive. It makes a big difference compared to your current setup.

    Just a small note, 60 FPS is considered the sweet spot for gaming on the PC, you should be ok with your current set up unless you want the troubles of gaming above 60 FPS without VSYNC.
  5. Ok Got it.Thanks el tigre and metathias for links .
  6. I couldn't find one for modern i7's. But this review shows that even the first generation i7's that came out nearly 4 yrs ago runs circles around your CPU, even the QX9770 gets left behind by a large margin.

    Today's i7's are faster than the first generation. You CPU is outdated by today's budget CPU's.
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  8. ok got it thanks el tigre and metathias
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