Using Samsung led tv as a pc display

Set up:

OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
Graphics card: Radeon HD 5450
This graphics card is connected with a samsung syncmaster 2253bw (Main monitor) and a samsung LED TV ue40b6000vpxxn (HDMI to HDMI).
Screen Resolution Syncmaster: 1680x1050
Screen Resolution LED TV: 1920x1080p

Problem Description:

I've connected my graphics card with the hdmi 1 port of the led tv. The tv only shows a crispy image of the first few boot screens whenever i turn my desktop on. The tv shows the error "Mode Not Supported" once it gets to the account login screen. According to the tv manufacturer's manual, the screen resolution and refresh rate of both screens should match in order to get it working.

Actions taken:

I've tried out all possible screen resolution combinations at the control panel of the pc. None of them gets my tv to show what's on my main monitor screen.


Are there any other steps I can do in order to use my tv as a pc display?
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  1. Its your 5450. Its not designed to fully handle dual monitor. I would imagine that if they were just two monitors. youd be fine. But if your trying to plug it up to a big 32 inch TV and a small monitor....Yea not quite possible. Now itd do perfect for just that Monitor. But your gonna need a little more powerful card for a 1080p and a 1600x900. You only have 512mb of video ram. which is ok want atleast a gig. as for the mode not supported. Do you have onboard video for your motherboard. try going into your desktop and setting the mode like that. as for the TV go into the tv settings and turn PC mode on. thats all i can think of
  2. Thank you very much for your help Rock. Sadly enough I don't have onboard graphics as this pc is meant for casual internet surfing. I'll try and find out which graphics card is best suited for this rig. Cheers.
  3. This is not an issue with the video card. What exactly are the settings you are using for the TV on the computer? Make sure the refresh rate is set to what the TV can handle. Mode not supported errors come up from either using a resolution that it too high, or from an odd refresh rate.

    The issue it seems that you are trying to CLONE the screens not just use the TV as a second monitor. To Clone them, they DO need to be the same resolution. Which you can't really do it seems as the TV is not taking the lower resolution of the monitor according to what you tried. Try using a 3rd party software like Ultramon or DisplayFusion.

    If you don't have the latest drivers for your video card, worth a try to see if those may have more options to play with.
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