Need real pro help!!!

Dear All,

I have a real problem with my laptop, and so far I'm not getting anywhere. Need real help!!! I will say the long version of the story hopefully anyone can help.

I got a Sager 9262 with 2 x 9800m GTX in slim got it when it was state of the art. About 6- 8 month ago, I started getting crashes, blue screen of death , and the display giving vertical , annoying bunch of vertical lines. Asked sager for help, nothing. asked xotic pc for help, and they suggested swapping the card. That worked, but now I disabled one 9800m GTX, and worked with the other.

Every other month, the screen wont light up and I open it up and swap the cards,, it works.

Last week this happened, and I couldnt get anything. Then after swapping a few time, I got a display, but it also show vertical lines, and in device manger I cant load the drivers, to any of the cards.

The thing is, I still get a display , but it is distorted.

At this point I dont want to get my 9800m GTX power back, I was wondering if I can use any thing do have a normal display just to watch movies and browse, like the intel chipset or downgrading the 9800 m gtx just to give a display.

I got some hope because I am get some sort of display as per the pic attached, and I know I cant buy 9800m GTX because it is not manufactured anymore, and if it is used it will cost as much as a new laptop.

Thanks all.
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  1. How is the heat? You may have overheating issues.
  2. Have you tried cleaning them, like removing dust and such? Dust can play havoc and overheat the GPU's if you do not clean the fan assembly and such regularly.
  3. they might be fried from the heat especially when you take out the cards some of the thermal paste losses effectiveness, but based on what i said and the pic attached, any hope of having a normal display? or any fix??
  4. The good news, i took the slave which was not working at all, the primary was giving vertical lines, put it on a heater for 10 mins, then installed in place of the primary. thinking that the card is fried anyways!!
    For my astonishment, it ACTUALLY worked and the device is working as previous.After a week of thinking it was over, now I have hope, so thanks allot for this.

    Bad news. got very excited took the other card put it on , and then smelt burning smell. opened the foil and found that some ICs and the capiceters were dislocated, the soldering on them melted, guess it was too hot. I dont think i can put it togther again no way, i am afraid i might cause a short or burn my mother board.

    Now i am worried should i just scrap the surface and operate the computer for surfing and salvging the info, or can i fire up games?

    Anyways, what you guys think about 9800m GTX, versus the 9800m GTX in sli, I dont think I can find anther spare one since I cooked mine, but was the difference in performance anyways from users with same
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