Building a Gaming pc. Need to keep under $800

I'm looking for a opinions and tips for a first time builder.

As of now, my build will many be used for gaming graphic intensive games so i'd like them to run smoothly at all time.
My challenge is my current budget...which I'd like to keep under $800. As a beginner im not sure if what im asking is possible, since I noticed most gaming computer ranging $1000+.

So far ive come up with a build here:

What components will create a smooth, fast gameplay, and will play HD movies nicely on a big screen TV? I already have a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and OS as of now.

I haven't been a fan of AMD processo, my fashion has always been Intel but i'd still like know if an AMD chip is better for me, for my purposes.

Also, I'm located in Toronto, Canada so, tigerdirect and canada computers are my main stores for computer parts.

Thanks in advance.
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    You'll want something like this :

    Edit a bit lower :
  2. Many thanks mate!! This is perfect, I may change the power supply to corsair, other than that i like it.

    Also, I believe i posted this twice in another section. My Mistake!
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  4. XFX psus are good ones, but i can understand you switching for a corsair one, if the xfx psus are from a web store you cannot purchase (NCIX canada)
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