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I couldn't find anywhere else to put this, but my monitor is having some issues. It is an HP w1907 LCD that game stock with my computer. Last night I turned it off and left my computer on to finish downloading some things, and when I woke up this morning, my monitor's power light was flashing between blue and yellow. It would be blue for a couple seconds, flash yellow, go black and then the blue would come back on, doing it over and over again.

I've hooked another monitor up to my tower and it works just fine, so I think I may of narrowed it down to being a monitor issue.
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  1. Did you swap the video cable on the questionable monitor to see if that made a difference? That would also be useful in narrowing down the issue.

    If you did and it still did the same thing, then you likely have a dead monitor. Check to see if it is still under warranty.

    Good luck!
  2. sounds like a bad transformer or main circuit board. in the monitor i mean.
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