Advice on a pc for gaming none tech savy.

Hi guys im new here and to pc gaming, im looking to purchase a gaming pc but dont know were to start.
A work mate is selling a computer specs are

windows 7 64bit
cpu: i7 870 2.93
gpu: gtx 660 ti amp edition
hard drive 2 tb in 0 raid config
memory: 6 gigs of ram 1333
monitor : 1920 x 1080p

thats all the specs he has given me and im not sure if thats good or bad hes asking £650 for it.

My question is will this run games at a good setting and will it last me a few years, i dont want to buy it and it ending up being usless in 6 months time any advice would be appreciated, or should i just try some were like dell, i wouldnt have a clue how to build my own so thats out of the question and 700 is around my budget for said pc. thank you.
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  1. please could any one advise?
  2. It's good for the price since you won't consider building it yourself. Any other prebuilt PC with specs like that could cost like £100 more.
    But be sure to check that those are really the components inside the computer.
  3. Especially check that it's really a 660 Ti, as that's brand new while the processor is a couple of years old. If it really is, go for it.
  4. ^That's true. It's a good deal now, but your next upgrade will have to include a new motherboard as well as a new CPU, an extra £100 or so. I still think it's worth it, though.
  5. just understand that you are buying a system with a dead socket, as in the upgrade ability of that motherboard is over.
  6. not familiar with pounds, but you could probably build a very nice new system from the amount you have to spend.
  7. Hi guys i read through the replys earlier and really appreciate you taking the time to help me out,
    i had a drive down to the he guys house this evening and he opened up the case so i could have alook at the hardware. He shown me through windows the 6 gigs of ram and the graphics device and i seen it actually installed,
    its a zotec 660 ti amp edition which is slightly over clocked, he shown me battlefield 3 running on ultra settings aswel ,
    am a bit worried about the system having a dead socket daswilhelm mentioned, does that mean the system wont last that long? the guy said he would sell for 600 £50 off his original asking price but dont want to pay and have to upgrade in a few months time, does the system look like it will last a couple of years of highish settings gaming? sorry to be a pain im new to this and dont want to waste alot of money for nothing.
  8. Short answer: yes. Not maxed settings, though you'll max many games right now, but "highish" certainly.
  9. Good morning, Thank you for your reply kajabla, im happy with that guess i will pick the pc up after work in that case, appreciate all the help and info you guys gave me thank you.
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