System shutdowns after page fault in non paged area.


I shut downed my system after a blue screen error of page fault in non paged area. Now I cant turn on it. The lights are blinking, hdd is working, cd rom is working, all the fans are running, but no beep and no video on screen. If I remove ram it gives beeps. Is this happens because of bad ram?
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  1. Found this:

    What Might Cause the Error

    Because this area of memory is reserved for the windows core, it is unlikely to be caused by an error in the code. While it 'may' be the case that software (like Norton) may have stored some data in the nonpaged area, this error is usually more indicative of a hardware fault with the RAM, it may also suggest a hardware problem with the level 1 or level 2 cache, or corrupt sectors on the hard disk.
    What to do

    As with any system crash, the first thing you ought to do is reboot and try logging in again. You may well find that everything works and the crash does not happen again. You may, however, find out that the blue screen occurs before you get the chance to finish logging in. If this is the case there are a few things you can check.

    First, restart the PC, and during the first stages of booting your PC (while the background is black with white text) press the F8 key, this should bring up the boot menu. The boot menu will offer a selection of options, including starting windows normally, booting into the various safe modes, and starting using the last known good settings.

    If you fail to log back in using the last known good settings, the next thing to try would be booting into safe mode, and restoring back to a previous save point using system restore. The System Restore utility can be found in the Start Menu, under Accessories -> System Tools.


    It goes on from there with other options.
  2. " If I remove ram it gives beeps. Is this happens because of bad ram? " Exactly.

    With the RAM in it hangs. Fails Power On Self Test (post). With the RAM removed it POSTs and then beeps "no memory"

    Do you have one DIMM of memory or Two? If you have two then use only one DIMM. If the system hangs try the other one. One of the DIMMs should allow the system to boot. If not then try the dimms in a different socket, again one at a time.

    If you only have one dimm, and the system hangs in teh BIOS before windows when you install it and beeps when you remove it then I'd buy a new DIMM and try replacing your existing DIMM.
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