AMD Radeon HD 6850 in brand new computer not working properly

I have an issue with amd radeon hd 6850 that comes today with my brand new pc. Whenever I install the amd driver, reboot, at start up the windows will just become blue (not BSOD) with mouse pointer in the center and stuck at that screen but I can still move the mouse around. Ocassionaly, I can enter the windows but shortly after the monitor will flash and the display will become messed up. Anyone knows what happen to my brand new pc? Is it bad gpu or what?
I have tried several things :
- Uninstall the driver and reinstall
- Use drive sweeper to clean than reinstall
- Reinstalling Windows
- Take out the gpu and put it back
- Install using older driver
One thing, this thing only happen if I install the amd radeon driver. The problem not occur if I'm not installing it
Sorry for my bad english ... Thanks
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  1. It most likely is your GPU that is defective. Do you have another GPU to test it with? have you tried booting into Windows in Safe Mode?

    PS: Did you get the 6850 since you said it will arrive today or did you already receive it?
  2. no i mean the 6850 comes with my pc that just arrived today...
    yeah, I've tried booting into safe mode and its working
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