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Considering my next upgrade. I'm debating between adding a second video card or adding an ssd. I was thinking of something in the 250gig range. I'm not sure where i would see more benefit. Any thoughts?
mb: sabertooth z77
vc: evga 570
hd: 2tb
ram: 32g
cpu: i5
thank you for your input
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  1. whats ur budget for one or both?
  2. Im trying to keep it under $300. Whichever way I go I'll probably get the other in a few months anyway. Or maybe an i7.
  3. Depends. You would see more benefit in games with the graphics card and more overall responsiveness with the SSD. So if you are somewhat satisfied with the game performance now, I would go for an SSD. Samsungs are probably the best right now.
  4. thanx I think I'll go with the ssd. I'm happy with the graphics. I don't think my stepson needs sli to watch youtube. For the most part I just enjoy building things and seeing what they can do. I think I'm doing ok for a first build.
  5. alright heres a nice ssd for the money:

    more than enought speed and room for an ssd :)
  6. And here is the Samsung SSD, which appears to be more reliable and very performant:
  7. thank you both for your input
  8. the neutron is better and just as good as the samsung, u are incorrect in stating that its slower than the 840 drive sir :)
  9. no problem but make shur u get the neutron its got a newer firmware and is quite good from reviews :)
  10. iceclock said:
    the neutron is better and just as good as the samsung, u are incorrect in stating that its slower than the 840 drive sir :)

    Well sir I didn't say the Samsung was faster than the Corsair. I said the Samsung was performant. My experience with Corsair SSD has not been a happy one.
  11. well u said faster, performant and faster are similar mate, choose ur wording correctly, good day sir
  12. I think you better reread - I didn't say faster anywhere. So don't make stuff up. Search this page for the word "faster".

    But now I will say the Samsung is faster than the Corsair. Here are anandtech bencmarks to back that up:

    It literally blows the corsair away in some areas.
  13. ur comparing that to the neutron not the neutron gtx, and with the newer firmware runs solid bro, :)

    Pretty much same difference. Couldn't say about new firmware - that often trades off performance for stability - can't take tht to the bank.
  15. well i was shur they was of equal speed, mybad i guess, price wise whats the difference between the samsung 840 series and the neuron gtx ?
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