Good graphics card around 80$?

I'm building a cheap gaming pc for my gf and originally I was going to get her a Sapphire 6670, but I'm around 20$ under budget so i thought I could squeeze a little more juice and buy a better graphics card.

Any suggestions? 80$ is my absolute limit, so please no "well if you could go a little more get this 90$/100$ card"

Here's the original card I was planning on getting

The only really graphic intensive games she'll be playing is Fallout and Skyrim, so she doesn't need something huge.

So once again, any suggestions?
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  1. This card will handle Fallout on high settings and should handle Skyrim on high settings with AA, shadow quality and such down. I used to game on Fallout 3 with this card yrs back and it was great.
  2. Well you could also find a 6570 for that.
  3. why would I get a 6570 when I was originally planning on a 6670?
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