Is Overheating A Known Problem In Zotac Graphic Cards?

I have a 8 month old zotac gtx 560 and it recently started overheating , goes over 100C and pc shut downs.

The weird thing is when i tried to get info about this issue through google search, every topic i see about overheating and the gpu fan not working higher then %70 involves zotac cards.

So i kind of think i made a big mistake by getting the zotac one to save a few dollars. Does anyone else had bad experie with zotac cards?

My card passes 100C at full load and i cant increase the fan speed higher then %70 , even though i force it to %100 with msi afterburner.

just look at these:
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  1. You can try blowing out any dust that could be trapped inside the card, dust is a large contributor to overheating. Also, good airflow in your case is key as well.
  2. its not a case problem i took of the side panel and i got same result.
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