Is a Coolermaster 850w good for this build?

Alright, so I just ordered this PSU off of Newegg from the daily deal list, $99.99 for an 850w Cooler Master Fully Modular PSU, 80 plus gold, etc etc; I was wondering if it's compatible/looks like it would work well with this build. Real smart asking AFTER I bought it, I know >_> But anyways, I've heard Cooler Master isn't the MOST reliable, but this PSU has decent reviews on Newegg (4 eggs from 36 votes), and I was wondering what everybody's opinion here is on it.

TL;DR ---- Is this compatible/looks like it'd go well with this build ?

Thanks for the opinions guys.
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  1. Well that series of cooler master ain't that bad, it will work and do just fine.
    But there are better ones at that price.

    High ripple at +12V

    Another review :

    As long as you don't pull more than 600w from it, you're fine, but what you have won't pull that.
    But if you can cancel the psu for another one, i'd do it, for that price you can get a corsair HX series, a XFX XXX edition(modular) or a seasonic.
  2. Reviews are good. Efficiency is good. Ripple is WELL within spec. Handled labeled wattage fine and you COULD draw full load, not just 600W... You never want to draw full load but...

    I would keep it... You can get an 80+ BRONZE corsair for $99.... But 80+ GOLD is gonna cost at least $150
  3. According to a well-known list it's in "Tier 3", which means it is "fully able to meet ATX specs, although closer to the edges of the limits than higher tier units. Still [a] solid unit."
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