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Hello all,

I built my first gaming PC and I have it ready to go. I'm going to move it into my room, but my desk is quite far from any wall outlets, so I was going to use an extension cord for the PSU only (the monitor will be plugged in with a different extension cord into a different outlet since I am afraid of putting too much in one cable). My PSU is the Corsair AX 1200 Gold, and I'm definitely not using all of that power just yet. The cord I'm using has 125 volts, 13 amps, and 1625 watts and has two 3-pin plug-ins. Is there anyone on here who would advise against this? Is this extension cord acceptable for this?
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  1. There's nothing in the manual that says not to do it, but my gut feeling is that it's not a very good idea. It would be a better idea to move the desk, if at all possible.

    EDIT: The folks in this thread seem to indicate that it's OK...
  2. Iv been running my computer and monitors off an extension cable for half a year, no issue.

    The only difference that the longer cable would make is a slight bit more electrical resistance between the wall socket and the computer, but nowhere near enough to sap power from the system.
  3. The cord will work fine.
  4. As long as it is designed to carry high current loads (sounds like it) it is fine. You're technically not supposed to because of the wide variety of extention cords, but a proper one is no problem.
  5. My system seemed to lag a little when I used the extension cord. I tried it without the cord and just moved my tower closer in a less optimal position, same problem. Granted, this is a different wall socket, it's the one used for my light and the top plug is only active when the light switch is on, the bottom always active. Maybe this is a bad place to plug my pc into?
  6. I highly doubt that the power port is the cause of your computer lagging. The power that gets to your PC will always be the same regardless if its receiving "dirty" power from the wall, your overkill PSU see's to that.
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