Corsair 650D / mounting SSD "Samsung Pro 840"

I have a Corsair 650D case and I'm trying to mount a Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD into the 3.5"/2.5" quick detachable drive slot. I'm unable to get the hole pattern on the bottom of the drive to line up with the hole pattern in the slide out tray. One of the side posts that is mounted on the side of the slide out tray hits the side of the Samsung SSD and keeps it from aligning with the hole in the bottom of the tray. These posts i'm talking about are the one's used for the 3.5" drives. If I were to cut the one post out somehow, the holes would align perfectly. Am I missing something here? Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, I just don't know what to do's my first build.
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  1. Sorry, I figured it out. The pin pushes through the grommet from outside towards the inside with a little force which removes the interference.
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