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Hello guys!!! I need advice for my pc upgrade. I want to upgrade my GPU (graphic card) and PSU (power supply). I want a 512 Mb of GPU and 450 to 550W of PSU .I want a graphic card that can play the following games (minimum requirements will work for me):
Hitman: Absolution, Call of Duty:black Ops 1&2, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3, Batman; Arkham City, Need For Speed:Shift, need For Speed, Shift 2, need For Speed: Run, Need For Sppeed: Hot Pursuit 2010, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2, BattleField 3, Grand Theft Auto 4&5, Gear of Wars, Assassin's Creed 1,2&3, Crysis 2&3.

I know my pc can't run them smoothly but minimum will work. I started a thread of asking will call of duty modern warfare 1&2 and crysis 1 and batman arkham asylum will work or not and you guys said it will not but i played those games smoothly on minimum settings so please be sure of what you say about my pc it ran alot of good graphic games.

I have the following specs:

Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
1.5 GB of RAM
256 Mb of graphic card (ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro)
Windows XP .

I know that i need a whole pc upgrade like Core 2 Duo but it will cost me much more because i first have to buy core 2 duo then a good power supply and then a good graphic card just to play smoothly :non: . I can upgrade my present pc by just adding a good power supply and a good graphic card and i can play those games on minimum.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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  1. Well it is best to stop thinking about those games with your current rig. Is your GPU AGP or PCIe?
  2. your a little old there maybe start fresh with a whole new tower? a pentium 4 and 1.5gb of ram might just bottleneck with a 7750 or gtx 650

    Maybe getting a
    AMD a10 5800k
    4gb of ram
    a 450w PSU

    you could put a decent gaming machine together for $300 USD and it will play all those games listed above very well and you can overclock the graphics card and cpu separably
  3. you need a whole new pc mate. no matter how much you throw at your current 1 it will be a waste of money... seriously dont bother...
  4. I knew you guys gonna said that!!! Well than can you give a name of a good Core 2 Duo. And if put my current GPU in it will it play the following games and a good PSU.
    And can i buy a separate motherboard and put in my current case? And please tell a good 512Mb of GPU and a good PSU to support that graphic card.
  5. As said above, you need a whole new rig. What is your budget and where do you buy your stuff from?
  6. Well i want to buy a desktop so that's why i am asking for a definite answer as we cannot change again & again. I can get from computer shops near my homes so if my pc have any problem i can go to them. And i am looking for a Core 2 Duo a 512 mb of graphic card and good PSU to support that card!!!!
  7. Well, core 2 duo's are no longer in production. You'll have to get one second hand. Can you buy from ebay? Also, most modern graphics cards start with 1gb of ram so you'd have trouble getting a card that meets that spec, too. That's why I asked for your budget or how much money can you spend on this? You help me and I'll help you....
  8. well man,i personally wouldn't invest a penny in your current's just won't worth it..if you are tight on budget,you may go for dual core,even second hand,or you can buy the old phenoms 2 x4 for quite a good price ~ 75 pounds in uk...also, 6870 is about 80-90 quid on ebay,with a little bit of luck...which will serve you pretty well if you won't max out the graphics...i would say with 350 pounds/euros you can build something to play with...
  9. I use a Pentium 4 machine too, wouldn't invest in it to make it a gaming machine, purely a bad idea. Build a new one my man.
  10. Well i can get second hand computer. My budget is $155-160. There a shop from where i asked the price of core 2 duo and they are selling for $82 but second hand.
    So i was thinking to buy that a put a good PSU in that and then a good GPU.
  11. Well i live in Pakistan and i don't think ebay delivers to Pakistan!!!!
  12. Sounds like you will have some trouble over there getting stuff. Tell us what's available at at that shop and we'll make recommendations.
  13. All things are available there, but all things are second hand, but they give things with one day testing warranty. I checked the price for all thing Core 2 Duo was $82 and a 500W PSU was of $25.77 and graphic card was of $51.54!!! So should i buy second hand or save more for the first hand because that's gonna take me a long time as i am just a kid and i save money from my pocket money!!!!
  14. I know how you feel, I was a broke kid once myself. You know you'll need these things to put together a system:

    1. cpu
    2. motherboard that fits cpu
    3. power supply
    4. memory that fits motherboard
    5. graphics card that fits motherboard
    6. plus a monitor, mouse, and keyboard

    Tell us the exact specs of what you can get and we'll let you know if they will work. I see your games above so we'll tell you if you can play any of them, too.
  15. 1:Dell Optilex 780 Desktop
    2:Core 2 Duo
    4:2 GB RAM DDR2
    5:512 Mb graphic card (that can run above games)

    I have a acer LCD G195HQV and a dell keyboard and a mouse.
  16. There are 4 different models of that Optiplex 780. Which one do you have?
  17. I don't have those things which i have written above i want them, my system specs are at the top if you want them and right now i have Dell Optilex gx280 in which i have added a 512mb of RAM extra and added a ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro.
  18. Goku, its true. You mush look to replace that cpu. Maybe see if You can buy a 2nd hand Quad Core like Q6600 you will see much improvements.

    I once had that Dell in 2006 :). Good Design
  19. So you guys gonna tell what PSU & GPU to buy or what???
  20. We're saying you need a whole new rig, not just a couple of parts.....
  21. nope, I will re post. one second.
  22. Thanks guys for all your help I owe big time!!!!
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