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ps parts must come from ebuyer.com as its uk delivery
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  1. having just spent 900 pounds on a new pc
    for myself, i hadnt banked on my wife wanting a new
    one to be able to play guildwars 2. this time im on a tight
    budget. this is what i have so far

    £80.52inc. vat

    £44.99inc. vat

    ATX Case 450W 2720D Galaxy III
    £ 34.00 Inc VAT

    this covers the basics. case/cpu/hd/

    mobo im unsure about mobo, need something that will run
    a bulldozer 4100 95 watts around 40/45 pounds
    any ideas ?

    memory, i have a spare 4 gig stick of ddr 3 1600
    that will do for now, i can add more later.

    total cost at the moment is

    cpu 80 pounds
    hard drive 45 pounds 500 gig sata 3
    case 35 pounds.
    mobo aprox 45.
    4 gig memory i have that.

    need advice also on 2 final things, remember for now im
    on a strict budget, but i can change things later or add more.

    gpu - 100 pounds or less - best ideas ?
    and a psu to support the whole lot.

    ty guys, ps tool all your ideas to build my own new pc
  2. let her play on the nice one ;) it might work out better for you.
  3. Make sure you get one that will work in the kitchen and is battery operated
  4. ide love to but with just spending 900 pounds on my new
    pc and hd monitor and Christmas around the corner
    im thinking keep it simple with upgrades in the future

    i forgot to mention her monitor will be

    the hd6580 req 500 psu ... would the 2 psu's you posted
    430 / 500 both run it ?
  5. Here is review for HD6850 http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-6850-6870-review/10

    Yes, the 430w will, because the HD6850 is a low power card, if you want you get the 500w.
  6. last question , been reading google watching you tube
    and it does appear the hd 6850 is 27% than the gtx 550ti

    my last question is this
    as the hd 6850 is aprox 90 pounds

    and this 1 is 103 pounds which i can afford
    VTX3D ATI Radeon HD 7770 1GB X-Edition PCi-Ex

    which of the 2 is better and will a 500w psu still
    be ok
  7. ps would this mobo support fx 4100 and the radion 6850 ?
  8. and would this psu be ok or do i need the corsehair 500
  9. I'm lucky my wife only knows how to play temple run. :)

    with regards to gpu selection, i would choose the 6850.
  10. You need update the MB's BIOS to support FX 4100.

    For the PSU, when you buy the PS and you want to know 1) what GPU do you buy? the PSU depend on the it requirements like the Amps. 2) The PSU is 80+ or not. The 80+ mean it has more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load. Otherwise some of them is misleading power supply advertising. 3) reliability. Because the PSU is the heart of the PC. 4) try to find the review. etc.

    For the CX 430, I add the link you can see it can maximum load to over 500W. Other one Antec High Current Gamer 400W can load up to 497W. I can't find the review for CX500w, but I think it should be fine.


    For the GPU, HD6850 is better than the HD 7770 and HD6850 costs less.
  11. id do the cheapest 6870 you can find... still the best bang for your buck gpu out there and its in your power range. Not sure on uk prices but on newegg Ive seen them as low as 140 US.

    either way shes gonna like it! cheers!
  12. well ide like to afford her more but as i spent alot on my new rig
    cost is a factor. and as i dont wanna have to flash a bios to support
    an fx chip can anyone recommend a mobo what will run it without a flash
    from this selection of boards, upto 45 pounds please .

    and also recommend 1 from ebuyer as well around the same price
    as im building up 2 price lists, 1 from ebuyer - 1 from my local store
    ebuyer will be slightly cheeper but i will ask my local store, if they can
    beat there price ille buy from you .

    and im gonna assume this psu will cover her needs with this current
    system spec

    fx-4-4100-black-edition -4-core-3-6ghz
    Seagate 500GB Barracuda
    4 gig ripjawx 1600
    ATX Case Galaxy III
    amd 6850
  13. ps would you take tge fx 4100 at 81 pounds or the phenom 965black
    its 2 pounds less but, from all accounts of what i read, the old 965
    is a better performer, and better for games..yes no ?
  14. anyone ?
  15. 965 BE > FX 4100
  16. Yes, 965BE is better.

    But after I look through the ebuyer.com, I found if you buy the Asus P8H61-MX +i3 2120 for 133 pounds. http://www.ebuyer.com/392930-asus-p8h61-mx-usb3-socket-1155-vga-dvi-8-channel-audio-matx-motherboard-p8h61-mx-usb3When you check the review for the game, you can see the i3 is out-performance AMD. The cost will be about 12 pounds more you buy 965be+MB.

    If you don't like intel, just forget about it.
  17. need an honest opinion .. my local store who will build my pc have
    said they have all the parts i want except 1 they dont stock, the psu.
    the psu that you guys mentioned was this

    my local store only has this

    dilemma is, if i bring my own psu - i wont get a 5yr warranty on the
    system build. options are buy the system that comes with generic 500w psu
    that gets me a 5yr system warranty, then switch out
    the psu at home. or will there custom psu run my system if i get it
    from them

    this 1

    or take the system with cases power supply and switch it out
    at home ?
  18. I have the old model OCZ500SXS since 2009, so if you can get the 5yr system warranty. I think it is fine to get it.
  19. please clarify - will this run the pc just as stable as the one you first mentioned ?

    did some digging on the i3 2120 apparently the the phenom 965be is 2%
    better than the i3 2120 and 14 pounds cheaper .

    again dilemma - as this system is only for my wife to play guildwars 2
    it should be ok right ? 965 is also better i think than 4100 fx

    and with that leaves alot of room for a cheap upgrade later
    to 970/980/900 - tri cores - fx - if they fix them


    oh yeh remind me my local shop was selling mobos asus around
    45 pounds, on there site, today there all gone only showing 2
    at 65 pounds and 69 pounds.

    question - do you buy all your parts from ebuyer save about 70 pounds
    have the shop build it - cost 25 pounds - 50 saved. no warrenty

    or pay the extra 70 on over priced parts from them to get the warrenty
  20. these are looking almost done for the specs of her system
    with the funds i have available . dvd rom is dropped in place
    of taking 1 out of her machine to go in this 1. case also not listed
    as the 1 i want at 35 pounds isnt on ebuyer were looking at a total
    cost of 370 pounds for the full system.. appreciate comments

  21. these are looking almost done for the specs of her system
    with the funds i have available . dvd rom is dropped in place
    of taking 1 out of her machine to go in this 1. case also not listed
    as the 1 i want at 35 pounds isnt on ebuyer were looking at a total
    cost of 370 pounds for the full system.. appreciate comments

  22. 4 days no answer impressive
  23. Go for a 965 BE, much better than the FX 4100
    And either get a Radeon 6850 or a 6870,

    A 500w Power supply will do nicely, try go for a CX500 (I have the CX600 for my 965BE and 6870) Works perfectly.

    Make sure you get an 80+ rating, believe me PSU is not something you want to cheap out on. If it goes it can take your whole system with it.

    Also find a AM3+ Motherboard so its a little future proof
  24. jammo2002uk said:
    these are looking almost done for the specs of her system
    with the funds i have available . dvd rom is dropped in place
    of taking 1 out of her machine to go in this 1. case also not listed
    as the 1 i want at 35 pounds isnt on ebuyer were looking at a total
    cost of 370 pounds for the full system.. appreciate comments


    If you want a cheap case go with the CiT Vantage Midi Mesh, it already comes with 4 case fans so no need to buy others, however if you plan on getting a heatsink other than the stock one, the TX3 fits fine but the Hyper 212+ or Evo will have trouble fitting in that case.
    +the case is only £30
  25. Here is labor day 2012 ( I am in USA).

    Back to your question.

    Case is personal choice item, but you better have some functions like UBS 3.0 port, PUS can be bottom mounted, top fan, real fan (at less 120mm), advanced cable management, side window if you like, and also is nice come w/ fans. I add the link for example. http://www.ebuyer.com/205154-casecom-km-6988-black-mid-tower-case-with-full-black-interior-exterior-120mm-red-km-6988

    All your parts look nice, and like buddiLuva said get the CPU cooler if you find the 965 run hot.

    And finally I always buy the parts and build myself ( before I don't know how, but you can learn it online), or in your case buy your parts and have the shop build it, because the shop will do the test before hand the PC to you, right?
  26. ps heat sink is the same 1 i have in my case and its the same case
    im getting for her Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

  27. correct 25 pounds they will build it - i can do it all just a bit
    weary about installing a processor ...
    case will be a Galaxy 3 Gaming Computer Atx Case Piano Black Finish With Blue LED Lights & Fan.

    mobo choice was

    seem ok for a 965 ?
  28. I recommend other CPU cooler, because the Arctic 7pro is not good one. I usually use the 120mm CPU cooler.

    Take this one for $19 pounds, and it has air flow 70CFM with five sintered wick copper heatpipes: http://www.ebuyer.com/368869-glacialtech-f101-pwm-ad-f101wep0dc0001

    And the review is here: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2477

    You can see the Arctic is bottom one, the F101PWM is on the top list, and it will keep the CPU cool and last longer.
  29. a fan i can sort later its just a fan
    just need a final shot on the mobo i posted


    seems pretty good has a couple of usb 3.0 room for upgrades
    can you tell me will it run a phenom 965 as i recall they run at
    125 watts
  30. Yes, the 965 will fix. MB supports FX / Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron 100 Series (up to 140W).
  31. good to go then, you have been a great help mate ide +rep you but you dont have that system here, ty for the replys posts info ille update when its built .
  32. ok - all parts to make the pc have arrived expect 1
    now i no you guys said the gpu i was thinking of getting
    for my wife the 6850 would run fine on this psu so i got it


    question b4 i order the gpu would this card which is now the same price
    as a 6850 run on the same psu just really a yes or no needed

  33. anyone ?
  34. personally i would go with gtx 560.
  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmLximGG5b4
    check this @ultra no proplems
  36. but will the psu i posted

    because i already bought it last month based on the 100 pounds
    budget for a 6850 - now this month i can get a gtx 560 for 102 pounds

    will this card

    run on that psu ?

    ps processor is a phenon 655 be
  37. thats all i wanna no with that psu support the gtx 560
    instead of getting the radion 6850
    the processor running with it is a boxed phenom 965 be
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