Shifted from Phenom 920 to 8120

Just shifted from a phenom 920 to an 8120 (build is basically for games).

Had Transend 800 Mhz ram 4 GB,
Now its Transend 1666 Mhz ram 8 GB,

Ealier MOBO was Gigabyte mp61pme s2
now its Gigabyte - 78LMT-USB3

Graphics card is 7850.

Now even with this new rig I dont see any difference between Windows boot p time, launching applications etc.

Was this build worth the money spent close to 310$ less 100$ for which I sold my earlier MOBO, RAM and CPU
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  1. if you were looking for faster booting time, you are supposed to get a faster storage drive, not upgrade the rest of the computers.

    assuming you are using a standard 7200 rpm HDD, the following would have increased boot time:

    Booting from a Hybrid Disc Drive
    Booting from a SSD
    Booting from a higher rpm hard drive

    albeit there are other ways to possibly boot up loading speed(changing OS to like win8, change bios screen boot time to minimum, turning on multi-core boot in msconfig. the above will have much more significant effect on boot speeds.
  2. Nothing you changed has any real impact on windows boot time. General applications, games,and everything else, but windows boot time and application launch needs a fast boot drive, either RAID0 (traditionally) or an SSD (current king). Your upgrade (shift?) is great but missing the one item you seem to want.

    Read the SSD FAQ if you're curious, or just buy one from,3269.html
    if for simplicity. Just make sure you know the difference in setup and usage between an SSD and HDD.
  3. Thank you both very much for the quick and helpful reply.

  4. raid would be the better option for you. you can get fast ish load times with hughe storage potential for not a lot of money...
    i use raid 0 on my system with x2 1tb hdds i get an average 180MBps which aint that much shy of a low end ssd.
    the advantage is that theres 2tb of high speed storage compared to 80 or so gigs.
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