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I would like to save as much money as possible and im not trying to get the best of the best.... I am basically building another computer just for WOW on ULTRA. I used to have a Phenom 955 BE with an MSI 460 and had no issues running cataclysm on high settings. I was either going to get an INTEL i5 3570k or get the AMD FX 4170. The 4170 is better than the PHENOM 965 or no? The 965 is only 100 bucks.. The AMD CPU should be more than enough for ULTRA settings while running a 7850 GPU right? - INTEL - AMD - GPU
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  1. the 4170 is an overclocked version of the 4100, which is sort of a side grade from a 965. a 965 is 4 real cores while the 4170 is 2 pairs of modular cores sharing an integer unit. in my personal opinion, I would use the 965BE and overclock it. according to tom's large cpu tests, the 965 scored better gaming wise vs teh 4170
  2. The 965 would be a good option seeing that I do not need a $200+ cpu to Run wow. A nice $200 or so GPU though should be where my money goes.
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