Dual graphics problem!

Hey all new user here and Im in need of some help if possible!


AMD A8-3850
AsRock A55 HVS mobo
4GB crucial xms 1600mhz ram
vtx 3d 2gb radeon 6670
1280x1024 monitor

Recently got a radeon 6670 to set up dual graphics with my apu for a 6690D2. Set it all up no problem but getting around 20-25fps on skyrim with high/med settings and I have seen videos of this setup with much better performance.

Iv tried deleting and re installing drivers but to no avail. I ran unigine heaven and got 24fps with a score of 611 or so and from what I have researched a 6690D2 should perform close to a 6770 right?

Not sure what to do really! Tried disabling the onboard graphics and just using the 6670 but still 20fps or so. I know this is a budget config and im not expecting very high performance but at 1280x1024 I should be getting smoother fps right?

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I'd say that's what I would expect with some settings on high. I'd set it to all medium or lower and make sure AA is off.
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