Help problem starting the computer for first time!

Help booting for first time
Hi it is the first time i build pc
When i power up the computer the motherboard light up and the mem ok led is flashing but nothing else works when i press the start button nothing happens

I connected the dvi cable correctly and the 6 and 24 pin connector from the power supply correctly

my specs are:
asus maximus v formula
intel i7 2770k(arctic silver 5)
corsair h80
gtx 660ti
corsair vengeance 2x8gb
corsair hx 1050

thanks for reading
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  1. make sure the 4/8 pin eps cable is connected. also check that nothing shorting out the mb. also try posting with one dimm. it may be also the bios is to old. if your mb has the asus usb flashback port download the newest bios and try to update it.
  2. Maybe you connected the DVI cable into the graphics card. As far as I know, most Intel systems connect that one into the Mobo.
  3. Try breadboarding.
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