BIOS update for Medion PC MT6

I have just downloaded the upgrade for windows 8. This is for a Medion PC MT6, problem is I get the 5D error. The solutions to this is to enable NX in the BIOS set-ups, . The BIOS version fitted is the original which needs to updated before I have access to the NX function. It appears Medion do not have a BIOS update facility. The BIOS is PhoenixAward 1.09
Is BIOSAgent the only way to update the BIOS? I am loathe to pay for something that ought to be free from the manufacturer.
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  1. Medion usually use a generic off the shelf boards (normally asus, gigabyte or msi) with their logos and branding added on, find out what bord model and rev it is and go straight to the manufacturers website and grab the bios that way. Use CPUZ and click on the motherboard tab if you don't want to open the case up.
  2. Thanks Hairy Man
    It is an MSI 7012 motherboard, however, the MSI website does not seem to recognise it. I have even found a german website for Medion support but that does not recognise the product.
    BIOSAgent Plus does identify a BIOS but this will cost me and I di not know if it will do what I need.
    I will run up the Medion with Linux boot tomorrow and see if it can identify itself over the net, currently I am using another pc to locate the BIOS source
    It is looking like the bargain Windows 8 may not be such a bargain for me after all.
  3. Hi :)

    You realise if you get a Bios flash wrong, your motherboard will be history ?

    From what you have said, I would guess you have around a 90% chance of killing your mobo... :(

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Hi just found it - I got the full name from the BIOSAgent web site and then searched with that. That took me to
  5. The MSI 7012 shows up as a Medion MD8080, heres an official Medion link:
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