Graphics card died; can't get video on new one.

I'm lacking a little bit in the information department; but I'll try my best to convey my issue.

My brother has a pre-built HP Elite e9150t, and we've undergone some minor upgrades over they years. Recently we did a 3-part upgrade (SSD/700W power supply replacement/added ram). While in the process of figuring out a place to fit the SSD in addition to the two installed hard drives in such a tiny case, it seems like the graphics card stopped working.

I replaced the GFX card recently with a new one, and while it appears to work to some extent (the fan on it spins; the fan on the old one did not spin), I cannot get any kind of screen to show up.

The issue I'm facing is that my mother board does not have onboard graphics (Truckee IPMTB-TK), so I have no way of checking the BIOS or uninstalling drivers from the previous card.

I'm hoping there is a way to circumvent my issue so that I may be able to get the tower running without investing in a whole new MOBO and Windows install.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I'll post details as I can:
Tower: HP Elite e9150t
MOBO: Pegatron IPMTB-TK - Truckee-UL8E
GFX Card #1 ( original card): Radeon (HD4350, I believe)
GFX Card #2 (replacement card): PNY GeForce 210
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  1. "and while it appears to work to some extent (the fan on it spins; the fan on the old one did not spin), I cannot get any kind of screen to show up."

    If you can't see BIOS then you do not have working video. BIOS does not use windows drivers.

    (1) GeForce 210 does not need external power connectors and uses almost no power so unlikely power issues related to video card. Do you hear the hard drive spinning up? Do the lights on the CDROM flash on while it checks to see if you have a boot cd in the drive? Do you see all the signs of normal startup, jsut no video -- or do you get nothing?

    (2) Did you do basic checking to see if all power wires were in place? This is a good ref.

    (3) Do you have an another video card to swap in... or can you try teh GF 210 in another PC?

    (4) Have you tried clearing the CMOS settings? The procedure is in the truckee MB page: note the warning... "NOTE:Revisions 1.02 and 1.03 of this motherboard might have the jumper positions mislabeled on the motherboard. Regardless of the way the pins are labeled the physical jumper positions remain the same for all versions of the motherboard"

    If none of these work then swap the 460W PSU back in. It is a good power supply, possibly better than the 700W unit you added unless the 700w is a good brand. (Did your video ever work after the PSU swap?)
  2. Figure it out; a jumper fell off and that was causing whatever the issue was. I replaced the jumper for "ROM RECOVERY" and everything worked just fine.
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