What is better for Rendering and Photoshop

i need help for what is better for rendering things. and just overall

AMD FX 8350 with a GTX 650ti


Intel I7 3770k

i'm leaning towards the AMD because i get more for my money i can play some games on a gtx 650ti decently i can overclock just like a 3770k high actually AMD FX cpus overclock like champs

Intel 3770k a beast of a CPU benches just lower then a $500 3930k but it has integrated HD 4000 i like the raw power it has but on my budget i would have to get a z77 board for a decent one is about $110 where a decent AMD 970 is $90.

The GTX 650ti will assist the 8350 in video renders alot so it would be faster then a stock 3770k or would it? keep in mind this is a $700 pc so i cant go crazy the amd would have 8gb of 1866 or maybe even 16 if i get it on sale or go down to a radeon 7750 or GTX 650? is the AMD looking like a better choice like I think?
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  1. go with AMD FX 8350 with a GTX 650ti

    i7 is better in games than fx 8350 but it is not a big difference.fx 8350 will be better in rendering and multitasking
  2. i'm almost 150% sure a 3770 is stronger then a 8350 but the 8350 with a gfc card with 700 cuda cores would be better than a i7 and HD 4000 thanks for the post.
  3. yes fx 8350 is good choice for your needs
  4. Last I checked Photoshop used OpenCL for their hardware acceleration, not CUDA specifically. Also check your other rendering software to see if it supports hardware acceration in consumer video cards (non Quadro/FirePro). Nvidia crippled (furthur) some non-gaming features in their latest cards vs. previous generation to push their business cards, while AMD did not. Could make a difference.
  5. i would get the i5 and in a couple of weeks add a gfx card... much better option over all. it will be cheaper to run in the long term and more performance 1s the upgrade is done.
    it may cost more but will give more.
  6. i'm getting this as a gift i can't buy it as I don't have a job like many people so i should get a amd card such as a 7850 1gb?
  7. gpgpu rendering is a little better supported on nvidia cards but really both brands have there issues with it.
    as you getting it as a gift then get the amd system as it will perform encoding better out the box. but be prepared for some frustration with some games as they aint good gaming parts.
    there not hopeless they just have more issues it seems.
  8. The 3770k will be substantially faster for rendering and photoshop use.
  9. Go with the Core i7. It's a superior processor in absolutely everything, ESPECIALLY rendering & encoding. The HD 4000 graphics actually assist the CPU when it comes to encoding. Don't ever waste your money with AMD when you're building a platform to render & edit videos, the i7 is the way to go.
  10. An FX8320, Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 AM3+, and AMD FirePro V4900 = $430

    The V4900 would game in the HD6670-range. It's a great OpenCL/GL GPGPU card.

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