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Processor/CPU upgrade, help...!!!!

Hello, I am looking to upgrade my processor without having to change the MOBO

I am running an older computer, my sony vaio sh*t the bed so i pulled out the dinosaur desktop pc.

I am currently using a, 2006 Compaq Presario Media Center SR1950NX Desktop PC, OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit, Ram is upgraded to 4 GB, HDD upgraded from 250 to 301 Gb.... also currently waiting for my PCI-E graphics card to come in, it is a 64 bit 1Gb gforce card with HD output. MY Base processor is, Athlon 64 (V) 3800+ 2.4 GHz 2000 MT/s (mega transfers/seconds, Socket 939.

So i gave as much as i could... so what is the highest i can upgrade to without changing the MOBO.....? I just want to be able to view and stream High Def. movies/videos with no choppy or lagging issues we dont have cable so this computer is our "MEDIA CENTER" literally, till funds are available to get better PC. any info 100% appreciated!!!
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    according to the manufacturer

    Socket: 939
    Supports the following processors:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 up to 4800+
    AMD Athlon 64
    AMD Sempron

    best bet is maybe to get a x2 4200

    dual core may help

    anything over the x2 4200 is hard to get nowadays
  2. which one would you suggest for HD streaming and video. not really a gamer, unless microsoft preloaded chess and backgammon is gaming.. lol.
  3. got an old pc here somewhere with x2 3800+ socket 939 cpu

    but never tried HD streaming and video on it when i was using it

    so dont really know if upgrading it to a dual core will help in that area or not

    if you can find one cheaply the x2 4600+

    but the x2 4200+ is much easier to find
  4. yes
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  6. Thanks man for your time and assistance, it is very much appreciated. i've been scouring the internet looking for answers, and being that i am new to the hardware of a p.c. all i have is specs and mismatched txt. so it is nice to get direct answers.... Thank you again and enjoy the new year!!!!! :bounce:
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