GPU Compatibility with PSU and ASUS Cm6850-07


I am currently working with an ASUS CM6850-07 ( and have decided it is time for a power supply and graphics upgrade so I will be able to play BF3 on ultra at 1080p.

I have decided to go with a GTX570 by MSI and a ZEPHY580MX 580W power supply.

Both found here:

Since I am new with upgrades and this sort of thing, I was wondering if someone could help me make sure these parts are all compatible with my system and case, and are also compatible with each other.
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  1. it should work fine, the new series of gpu's are alot less power hungry than the last

    1 thing that i noticed though is that asus hasn't listed the internal size of the case, so the gpu may not fit... but it's 42CM long overall
  2. Early today, I opened my case for the first time for a quick measurement and I could fit a whole ruler parallel with my PCI slot, nothing was blocking it either.

    Again, sorry for being a "noob" but for my first upgrade I want to make sure it all goes smoothly.
  3. like a 30CM ruler? your good then :) the longest i've seen is 11.5" so your doing okay
  4. Alright so I know now they are compatible with my case and things.

    Also, the GPU says power connection is 2 x 6pin, but the PSU is 1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 8-Pin

    Will this be an issue?
  5. is it a 6+2 or a solid 8 pin? you might be able to offset the 8 pin but i personally don't know (i dont have any PSU's with an 8 pin connector)
  6. It's described as "1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 8-Pin"

    What about this:

    this one is 1x6 and 1x6+2
  7. No, I will be ordering the PSU soon.

    The GTX570 says I need a 550w PSU
  8. my GPU says i need a 500W psu, im running 400... those don't matter all that much
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