Which should i pick GTX550 Ti Overclocked or GTX560 2GB GDDR5

Title says it all :/

550Ti Overclocked

Core clock: 975MHz
Shader Clock: 1950MHz
CUDA Cores: 192
Effective Memory Clock: 4104MHz
Memory Size: 1GB
Memory Interface: 192-bit
Memory Type: GDDR5

GTX 560 2GB

336 CUDA cores
820 MHz core clock
1640 MHz shader clock
2 GB GDDR5 memory
256-bit memory interface
4008 MHz memory clock speed

Im confused?
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  1. Out of the two, I would pick the GTX 560 2GB being faster than the 550 Ti, more bandwidth being 256-bit vs 192-bit the 550 Ti has, more CUDA cores for PhysX games and has more VRAM for gaming on higher resolutions.
  2. would depend on the rest of your hardware and the monitor/res.
  3. A 560 is faster for sure, if that's what you're asking. Plus you can OC yourself if interested/not getting enough performance.
  4. 560 without a doubt. A GTX 550 Ti is really a budget card with budget results. The 560 is a nice mid-range bargain card that outperforms the 550 by about 30-35%.
  5. what's the point without knowing what he's putting it on ? you can buy the best card and have it run no better or possible worse than a lesser if the hardware can't run it.
  6. That's true, and it's important to know the full system specs for a proper assessement of wether it's worth it or not to get the better card.

    However, he seems to just be asking which is better, and the answer to that is simple: the 560. We have to assume he knows the rest of his hardware is ok since he doesn't ask about it, but again, for a proper recommendation he should tell us the full specs.
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