Automatic cpu overclock? not happy

my motherboard, the m5a97 evo r2 has automatically overclocked my processor, the amd fx 4170 to 45xx mhz. i did not download any software or manually set it to that speed. my processor should run at 3800mhz and 4200mhz on a turbo mode. can someone tell me how i can get it back to those two speeds.

xx because i cant remember what the last two numbers of the overclock where.

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  1. Go to bios and select optimized defaults.if this not solve then update your bios.
  2. or set your CPU speed to manual, that way you know what it will be running as.

    also you should not be scared of the default overclocking as these are within the tolerances set out, it is only when people who do not know how to overclock set the voltage too high or push the cpu too hard when problems start.

    in summary i would leave it how it is as you will get better performance!
  3. hmm... but am i still under warranty from the bios oc?
  4. something else to note is that my core clock is 1.524v isnt this a little high?
  5. is it running hot ? 1.525 sounds high , I like to set it as low as possible . higher = higher temps
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