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Heya, I need some advice on getting 3 monitors to work on 2 cards. I had problems installing my new video card to get my usual dual monitors to work. The solution was deleting all of my video drivers and installing just the one I was told to use and it works! (thankfully). Now my original onboard video card probably doesn't have a driver to support it anymore and its probably the reason why nothing is showing on my other (3rd) monitor at the moment. So I am asking the pros here, Will installing the driver for my original card (Nvidia Geforce 9100) help get the 3rd monitor working? And If it does will it mess up with what I have on my new video card (Nvidia Geforce GT 610)? And also how can I get 2 video cards to work together to have 3 monitors share the same screen?

I appreciate any feedback on this and let me know if theres additional information you guys need to help diagnose it. Thanks!
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  1. You can't run your on-board video with your GeForce 610. Some of the GeForce 610 models have three display outputs. DVI, HDMI, and VGA. You would have to use these three to run three monitors. If your goal was running three screens to make one large screen, unfortunately, you got the wrong card.

    However you can run 3 monitors in extended display.
  2. Most integrated graphics doesn't work when you have a discrete video card installed. Some do, but most don't. You probably either need to use the discrete card for all three displays or add a second video card.
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