How much is this worth to you?

I'm selling a Dell I got a couple of years ago. Silver/white case, 2.1GHZ CPU, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, 3GB of RAM and 550W Rocketfish power supply. The mobo is pre-built and I have no idea what type. It also doesn't come with an optical or hard drive :D Give some rough estimates on what you think this thing is worth!!
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  1. I'd say you'd be lucky to get 200 - 300 for it.
  2. Thats more than what I was expecting and what I want! xDD
  3. Need a lot more detailed specifications (as in specific motherboard, CPU, RAM) as well as verification that it works with said missing HDD and ODD. Given you currently listed specifications, I wouldn't buy it for $20. I'm sure the other posted missed the part about it missing the Hard drive (which also means no OS) and optical drive.

    -Wolf sends
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