Black Vertical Lines 6970 CF. Help!

Hello, I have been getting freezes playing games like Starcraft 2, Arma 2, and even LoL once. Almost all of them lock my computer, and change the display into a form of vertical lines, 80% of the time being black lines, and the other 20, yellow or green. *EDIT* Too add to this, half the time, the freezes are instant, and the other half about 10 seconds later. I have been on skype with friends and I can inform them my computer freezes, shortly followed by the hard freeze.

I HAVE been getting driver crashes alt tabbing in and out of certain games, and I'm leaning towards drivers atm. I have a 850W corsair PSU, with factory clocked 6970 (Twin frozr which are 940Mhz a piece) along with an i52500k@3.3Ghz.

Some things to note, the temp of my top card under FurMark reaches about 88C, and the bottom 75C. I have never had problems with any games in the past. Doing some searching myself, I can't tell if it is my PSU going bad, my graphics card failing, or bad drivers.

Please if anyone has any suggestions, would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. First think I would do is test each card by itself.
  2. Sounds like a start. I'll post my finds shortly.
  3. OK. I tested both GPU's. I first tested GPU 1, which ran at about 110-125 fps in Starcraft 2 maxed, with about 68C being the peak of it's temp. Now on the second GPU, surprisingly, I got about 120-130 fps, and it peaked at 73C.

    Neither of which got me vertical lines. Does this mean it is a heat problem for when I have CF enabled?
    IDK, starcraft 2 in CF, only peaks low 80's.

    I also wanted to add, this has been a recent problem (within past couple weeks), I built this computer about a year ago.

    Any suggestions would be very welcomed. Thank you!
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