Pentium g645 problem

i just build a pc with the g645 8gb ram motherboard biostar h61mlv2 and a gtx 260 the problem is while gaming the cpu goes instantly to 100% while the gpu only about 20% in some games goes to 60% but then back to 20%almoust all games with bad fps , what could be wrong its not the psu since its the same of my pc that has a q6600 and the same gtx 260 no problems help please
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  1. I reccomend you to update your bios to latest and play games and post the task mgr image here.
  2. Already did that and still the same, the game that has worst fps is la noire the cpu goes 100% and the gpu stays in 16% when minimize to check the gpu ussage a couple of times i gain fps and the the gpu goes to 60% but then goes down again, could it be a faulty motherboard or cpu
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