Memory clock of sapphire 6570 , funny tech support(?)

I bought a sapphire 6570 SKU# 11191-00-20G which got an effective memory clock of 1800mhz. But instead i received the sapphire 6570 SKU# 11191-26-20G which seems to have an inferior m. clock and i'm still trying to find out its m. clock because if i open the box i can't return the product.

So i contacted sapphire tech support with a ticket: ( messages start from bottom )

2012-7-12 [04:01]

Sorry, but this information is incorrect. DDR3 multiplies the base memory clock by 2. It is "double data rate" or "double pumped".
It can't have a 1800 effective clock with a base clock inferior to 900.

2012-7-12 [01:18]

1800mhz effective and you need to take that and divided by 3 which gives you around 600mhz so with DDr3 you need to times it by 3 to get you some where close or over to 1800mhz.

2012-7-11 [21:23]

Are you sure? I'm confused, this file says it got 1800mhz effective (900mhz)

2012-7-11 [01:47]

Memory clock speed is 667mhz.

2012-7-11 [01:27]

I would like to know the memory clock speed of my specific graphic card. PN: 299-AE193-400SA SKU: 11191-26-20G
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  1. As far as I can tell it should have 900mhz DDR3 / 1800mhz effective. There's a GDDR5 model as well with 1000mhz / 4000 effective (GDDR5 is quad rate).

    So, definitely weird that he'd say it's 667mhz. 667 x 3 doesn't equal 1800mhz either. I'd suggest phoning to get some real results. I had issues with online/email support for a Logitech keyboard, but calling them I was able to clear the issue up pretty quickly.
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