Roxio vs Nero

i need help. i have an HP9150 (8x4x32) cd-rw and i can't erase the cd-rw with the software i'm using (my cd). i'm useing to b/u my saves from arcanum and diablo 2 and it keep telling me i'm out of room (yeah right 48 mb = 700mb) not in this lifetime it equals and the software won't erase it even with the setting to erase it on.

anyway roxio platinum is on sale this week at my local Best Buy for $79.99 w/a 20 rebate for a total of $59.99 and Nero 5.5 costs $60 across the parking lot at Comp Usa.

what would you chose?

p.s. i'm thinking on going to XP depending on what it does with games.
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  1. Roxio's DirectCD = HELL if your using win2k, otherwise, it is very good in win9x. Nero's InCD works good in both win2k and win9x.

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  2. Yeah, directcd and nero hate each other, so you'll have to pick one or the other. I decided to microwave my Ezcd 4.02 cdrom, and keep my Nero.

    Not all cdrw are made equal. Memorex 4x cdrw don't work in two of my burners, and one only takes verbatum. TDK, though, works in them all.

    I've read (not tested), that if you leave a cdrw out in direct sunlight for ~15min, you'll beat down some of the crystals that are the problem. You might also try nero, and erase at a slower speed.

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  3. Nero is much better than Roxio.
  4. "p.s. i'm thinking on going to XP depending on what it does with games."

    Nero ... all the way. I don't even want to begin to think about what kind (and the amount) of errors Easy CD Creator is going to display in WinXP. *Shudder*

    Note: Be sure and completely uninstall your current burning software before installing the new program, regardless of your choice.


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  5. The latest Roxio product caused me huge problems.
    Go with Nero!!

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  6. I think that's Nero: 53, Roxio: 0.

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  7. well i think the NERO's have it. thanks i really appreciate the help.
  8. Well, I haven't had time for many games. ECDC works okay in XP, but it's always touchy on my system. Nero and NTI CDMaker 2000 work the best. CDMaker was my choice as being $10 cheaper than Nero.
  9. hey toejam....
    i believe that program has been renamed by the public now as:

    Easy CD cremator.

    Another vote here for nero.
    fast easy efficient burning.... unless of course windows sets all your drives to exclusive PIO mode LOL

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  10. Roxio has real issues in WinXP. I have XP and couldn't even get Roxio installed. (Even though the built in burning software is Roxio...)

    I now use Nero 5.5.4 and am very happy with it.

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  11. Nero's new 5.5 really should slam the lid on Roxio's adopted stepchild. REally vendors should no longer hear the woahs and cries for help for lack of an easy to use wizard or lack of user friendliness or whatever. But it won't just yet, because the Adaptec name is still used and people love their brands they get used to.

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