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Hey all.

Well, I've been having some issues with my PC lately and I was directed to this site to help me. My PC has recently begun having frame rate issues on games and random freezing. When I'm playing a game, my frames are stuck at around 30 on San Andreas. No matter what I change my settings to the frames don't increase. I'm also dealing with random freezes for around 10 seconds or so every few minutes, it is seriously annoying.

I just bought a new GPU two months ago, a GT 430. It was around a month after that I began seeing the problems.
I've also applied heatsink to the CPU which is an Intel Quadcore @2.5 GHz.
My RAM seems ok at 8gig.
My HDD is a 1tb with 400 gig left.

I'm not really a tech spec so help could be useful! If you need to know anymore details just ask me below.
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  1. The 430 is not a great gaming card but if it is not running as it used to there must be a problem. 1st I suggest you check the temps using HWMonitor. Also have you updated or changed your drivers at all. Asl owhat are your full specs?
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