Build Suddenly Won't Post After 3 Great Weeks

About 3 weeks ago I got a build up and running (a few aesthetics to come still so no pictures or build complete posts yet). Everything was going great - games playing beautifully, getting set up, etc. but tonight it won't post. I have gotten a number of error codes on the motherboard LEDs including: b0, b1, 79, 14, 18. In order, they apparently are: Runtime Set Virtual Address MAP Begin, Runtime Set Virtual Address MAP End, CSM Initialization, Pre-Memory CPU Initialization is started, Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started. The DRAM LED is also constantly lit red.

Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Intel I7 3930K
16 GB Corsair Dominator GT
Corsair 240 SSD
Corsair 1200W

Please let me know if any other info would be helpful. I've tried reseting the CMOS and removing RAM sticks individually to no avail.
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  1. Follow this guide, it will eliminate most possible causes for a no POST computer.
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