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so, i got to choose between i5 3570S($240), i5 3570($260) and i5 3570k ($280), and i really can`t decide which one of them to buy... What would be the difference (frames per second) in games between the 3570S and 3570? And is the 3570k really worth the money, or should i invest those extra bucks in a new GPU? How much more FPS would i get over the 3570S (3.1 ghz) if i bought a 3570k and OC`d it to about 4.2 ghz..?
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  1. i5 3570k would be best and can handle any games.the extra money really worth it because you can overclock it in future to handle future games.
  2. I try my best

    i5-3570 - 3.4GHz with 3.8GHz turbo

    i5-3570K - 3.4GHz with 3.8GHz turbo but can be raised higher as the multiplier is unlocked

    i5-3570S - 3.1GHz with 3.8GHz turbo, this is a lower power cpu

    it should be noted that the turbo quoted is for a single core only, the K version can have the turbo increased across all cores or selected cores.

    As to what difference any of these processors will make on your fps will depend on what's in your system now, so what do you have now?
  3. Price / Performance, the i5-3750k is better because it can be overclocked. If you are not going to overclock, then the i5-3750 is cheaper.

    The i5-3570S has a lower clockspeed and consumes a little less power than the it-3570. I think it has a 70w TDP vs 77w TDP.

    The increase in performance regarding games depends on if the game is dependent on the CPU. For example, Crysis 2 does not care how fast the CPU is as long as it is fast enough. Benchmarks have shown that the performance difference in Crysis 2 between a Core i3-2100 and a Core i5-2500k @ 4.5GHz is 1 extra frame. However, in games that are dependent on the CPU like Skyrim, the increase in performance between the i3-2100 and the OC'ed i5-2500k is very noticeable.

    In essence, it depends on the game.
  4. and... approx how much fps are we speaking about? would the OC`d 3570k get 10 fps more than the 3570S?
  5. The i5-3570K is potentially the most powerful of the 3 processors as it is the only one that can be overclocked above it's stock speeds. As to what difference it makes to your system, if any, depends on what else is in your system. So, once again, what do have just now?
  6. damn luckily i have a microcenter close by. Its $180 for the 3570k :)
    But that would be you best option if you plan on overclocking. Otherwise get the regular 3570
  7. I don't think you would see any difference in games. Most are not CPU bound unless you have a very high-end GPU or a very low-end GPU.

    I would avoid the S. The K is better than the non-K but only if you plan to overclock.
  8. i5-3570k will only be the best option IF:
    - You got a decent cooler, so the CPU won't overheat and potentionally hurt your hardware when overclocked.
    - If you got a MOBO that allows great overclocking which is a Z77.
    - If you're sure you a PSU that can handle the higher power consumption.

    If you don't got one of the above, then the i5-3570 with a stock cooler would be your best option. With the i5-3570 you don't need any expensive MOBO or any expensive aftermarket cooler. So I believe you actually get the best value with the i5-3570 and a cheap B75 or a H77 MOBO.

    The i5-3570 can handle just about any GPU on the market right now in gaming, so you won't encounter any major bottlenecking.
  9. The X79 motherboards are exclusively lga2011 and are incapable of supporting any i5 processors.

    In fact the only processors currently available on the lga2011 socket are i7-380K, i7-3930K, i7-3960X and i7-3970X.

    The motherboards that are compatible with the i5-3570K and allow overclocking are P67, Z68 and Z77.
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