Which PSU to choose?

I am a confused on the two psu's given below..both are almost the same price range, in a dilemma on which is the best .

Since the coolermaster has a dual rail 12v, whereas corsair has only single rail but has 550w.

And both i guess have the same efficiency..!

1.Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU

2.Cooler Master Thunder 500W 500 Watts PSU

Please help me to choose one!
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  1. I have heard that corsair makes a more quality psu. I would probably go with that one over the cooler master. You can check out this website
  2. Corsair ..
  3. The Corsair model is much better.

    Corsair VS Series VS550 ( 75-001836 / CP-9020050 )
    • OEM: CWT ( Channel Well Technology )
    • maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 42 Amps
    • two (6+2)-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors

    Cooler Master Thunder 500W ( RS-500-ACAB-M3 )
    • OEM: CWT ( Channel Well Technology )
    • maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 34 Amps
    • one (6+2)-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector
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    in theory a single rail psu will be the best option,as will usually provide more stability...and yes,like the folks here confirmed already...corsair is top quality..i personally have a tx 750,and even it's not modular...i'm more than happy with it...i'm not saying the coolermaster's units are bad,but in first instance the amps are more important and if you can get something on a single 12v rail that would be the best choise...
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  6. k ..decided to go with the corsair vs550..thankyou every1 for ur valuable opinions!!
  7. Good pick. I also have this VS 550 for my mid-range setup.

    What I like:
    1. All cables are sleeved even for a non-modular PS
    2. Great paint job - does not look cheap
    3. 3 year warranty

    1. Not rated 80+ - does not concern me anyway
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