First time building Gaming PC, need suggestions

Hi guys, im just signed up here and i am just starting to learn about hardwares (brands and whatnots). I want to build a new PC and went around PC Stores to ask for quotations with only some parts that i want and the rest are filled up by them. Here is the "best" i got

Core i5 3550
4gb ram ddr3 (planning to get 8,no brand yet)
500gb hdd (no brand yet)
GTX550Ti 1g DDR5
Asus P8H61
ATX Casing

Here is what i have from my last PC:
Huntkey green power 500w
Hyper TX3 Evo

I want a dual monitor pc which will be used mostly for gaming,programming and i do a lot of multitasking. Im not planning YET to OC my cpu but i will in the near future. So can i ask for suggestions on what to change on my list? my budget is about 800$ (including 2nd monitor)
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  1. Approximate Purchase Date: Next Week

    Budget Range: 800$ before rebates

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Movies, Programming, ,Browsing, Multitasking , VMware

    Are you buying a monitor: Yes

    Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, CD/DVD rom

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

    Country: Philippines

    Parts Preferences: Intel i5 with new 18.5" LCD Monitor and old Benq Monitor (dont know what size)

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 at least

    Additional Comments: Dual Monitor, a quiet one

    And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: CPU Died, my friend said one of the fuse in the board burnt. I said f fixin this im upgrading

    Parts I have :
    PSU : Huntkey green power 500w -- Not planning to change atm for at least 2months
    Cooler : Hyper TX3 Evo -- Not planning to change atm for at least 2months

    Parts I got from the quotations:

    Intel Core i5-3550 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2500 BX80637I53550

    Mobo (motherboard?) :
    ASUS P8H61-M LX PLUS R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS

    Graphics Card: Not sure about this one yet, i want to use dual monitor, is this part enough? should i get 1gb or 2gb
    ASUS ENGTX550 TI DC TOP/DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

    ATX Casing -- might change this
    4gb ram ddr3 -- planning to get 8, no brand yet
    500gb HDD -- no brand yet
  2. Newegg doesnt ship to the Philippines. I found out the hard way lol.

    Can you buy from PChub?

    Locations there.

    Can you return that Huntkey PSU? You want one from a better brand :)
    You have an OS?
  3. hm i guess i have to change my website, but im just using it for parts and price approx since i still have to go around and find the parts i want

    I'll check if i can trade it but i doubt it. It's been more than a month and it was MORE than enough on my previous build. I'll keep it atm and change it if i see that its really lacking and buy a better one.

    Though i have to ask, is that PSU enough for 72hours straight? i always tend to let my pc run that long every weekend

    OS : Yes im using win7
  4. So, you can buy from PChub?

    As this is a gaming PC, you dont want to skimp on the PSU. Im sure that Huntkey one is very cheap.

    72 hours straight.. I guess so, but it will hurt your power bill if the PSU isnt 80+ certified.

    Lastly, whats your budget in Php?
  5. Yeah maybe i should really dump that PSU, it seems i got tricked to buying it lol

    Around 30kPHP with monitor of 4,300PHP, i can skip the monitor and just use my old monitor to give way for parts
  6. Since your buying from PChub, you want to create an account over at TipidPC. Also, all the prices shown their are CASH only basis. <- product list.

    After all of this stuff have been done and when you can purchase in cash, Ill make you a build. :D
  7. Uh i created an account now, what to do next?
  8. Best answer
    zilentworld said:
    Uh i created an account now, what to do next?

    Reminder: prices listed in this build is CASH only.

    CPU: i5 3450 - P8530
    Mobo: Asrock H77M - P3760
    GPU: PowerColor HD 7850 2Gb DDR5 - P10620
    PSU: Seasonic M12II 520W - P3500
    RAM: G.Skill RipJaws X 2x4GB DDR3 1333 - P2150
    Case: NZXT Source 220 - P2500

    Total: P31060

    Re-use your old Hard Drives, which I assume you will lol. If not, just add one.
    Optical drive is up to you as what features you want.
    This will play games at high - MAX settings at your resolution.

    If you can up your budget to Php40000, you can get my rig, which plays Skyrim at Ultra pre-setting, all filters on, and smoothly all at 1080p. (Doesnt get below 40FPS, roughly.)
  9. hm can you give me a less costly one, reduce ram to 4gb (ill buy another one), and less costly GPU 10k is a bit too much for me atm lol (i only started working this year and the pay is not that high). I understand the PSU since it was my stupidness that i bought it
  10. Ill see to it. :D Just tell me what games you play.
  11. mostly League of legends atm, and i was playing at 20-30fps on my on-board vid card before and it drops to 9fps when certain skills are used. Im planning to play ff14 "soon" or an online game with quite the same requirements (720p+ without all the options). And i think i really need a new HDD, i was using a 250gb unknown rpm ( i get 30mbps using teracopy ) and it fills up very quickly with all the anime and mangas im downloading everyday
  12. btw here is the first thread i created on the cpu forums
    i got some replies there too
  13. powercolor HD 6670 or 6790 will do i think
  14. More Information

    An update on what i decided:

    PSU: Seasonic S12II 620w
    RAM: GSkill 133 ddr3 8gb
    PROCESSOR: i5 3450/3570
    MOBO: Asrock H77M
    GPU: Powercolor HD 6750/6790
    CASE: NZXT Source 220
    HDD: 1TB no brand yet

    Am i ready to go? are this parts compatible? which processor and gpu should i get?
  15. At least HD7850 for modern games. The 3450 is a great CPU.
  16. im quite pressed on the money, will HD7770 do? if yes, powercolor,asus or msi?
  17. If you dont need the computer ASAP, then maybe you could save up more and buy during christmas where theres a bunch of deals available.

    Anyways, try a 6870, see if it fits your budget, or a 560Ti.
  18. i need PC ASAP cause im not using anything (im on our laptop which is 6years old or something), but maybe i think i can hold off the GPU and play with on-board since i was playing that way before. I think ill just hold off the GPU + 2nd monitor so i can also buy a table for dual monitor. Btw, what other mobo can you recommend? i was going around the mall on my way home and i cant find h77m, what i found was z77 p77
  19. Lol you want us to keep throwing ideas until we find something that is available to you? Is that really the best way?
  20. @Nw333
    Im on my way to check PChub, hope i can find it there

    Im clueless about the mobo since its my first time building a pc, i just want to know what other series i can use IF somehow that mobo isnt available here
  21. But why don't you tell us what IS available to you and we go from there?
  22. that's why i was asking z77 series -_-

    anyways, i luckily found the mobo nw333 was talking, and it was only at that place, cant find it on other stores.

    As for the PSU, ill go for the S12II 620w.

    The casing is also not there, so i still have to choose a good one from what they have.

    Now about the GPU, i found a powercolor hd 7770 for 5000php (42php = 1$) on another store. Should i get that or buy Asus HD 7770 for 6300php??
  23. Try a 6870. It shouldnt put you over budget. Its just around Php9000-10000.

    A GTX560 Ti is also viable. Its also around the Php9000-11000 range.

    Prices will depend on the brand ofcourse.

    If you asked about the case in PChub, you can ask them to place an order from another PChub branch which has the case and they will bring it to you, and you pick it up. You have to deposit money first though. (This is applied to all products)

    If you dont want to do that, you can order online but prices are a bit more.
  24. do i really need that high quality GPU? i mean i mostly play LOL and just multitask so im really considering buying 7770
  25. Its a good idea for future-proofing. Im pretty sure you will play newer and more demanding games sooner or later with this desktop.

    If you dont want the 560 or 6870, atleast a 6850. The 6850 is around the Php7000 range and it performs better than the 7770.
  26. If all you really play is League of Legends and multi task, you could save money and get the i3 2100 or 2120? The i3 will still play other titles just fine. My E8500 with 9800 GT played League of Legends with no lag ( also great internet connection)

    I agree with nw333 it's a good idea for future-proofing. One day LoL will get old for you and you will move onto other more demanding games. But I will say that I think any of the cards above will perform the way you want. Just a matter of how much money you want to spend.
  27. Hm, so i guess i'll leave the GPU atm, save money for 7850/660 and just use the on-board one in the mean time. Hm yeah i have to consider the upgrades, ill still take the i5. Can my current PSU(huntkey 500w greenpower) run the i5, hdd 1tb (seagate/western most likely), cdr/dvdr, 1case fan, Hyper TX3evo??
  28. If you still have the box with you, can you tell us the specs of the PSU?

    The i5 has horrible onboard graphics. But, if you can live with it for when you get a new GPU, thats great.
  29. its bad according to the reviews and there are no specs written on the box (really why did i even buy that ***, it was worth 2500!, 800more and i have s12II 620 :|)

    Huntkey Green Power LW-6500 500w (Rated 400W / Peak 500W)
    • combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of ??? Amps (Huntkey doesn't publish this spec)
    • one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector

    saw this on a post via google

    yeah i can live with it, i was using on-board on an amd processor (i dont know what amd since it was a gift from my father who doesnt know anything about pc) before and playing LoL with fps 20-30 at lowest settings on 1280x720 resolution.

    As long i as can play LoL even with lowest settings and still be able to watch my 720p anime vids, i can wait for my gpu

    Oh btw, should i use my old HDD (320gd western) as my main HDD and just use the 1TB as the extra one? would there be an increase in transfer speed or it wont be worth it with all the reinstallation/downloading of patches that i need to do?

    And thanks a lot nw333, really i mean it. Thanks
  30. Not sure why you wouldn't drop the cpu even to a i3 and buy the GPU. You really don't need a 7850 or a 660 to play LoL or watch 720p anime vids.

    If the CPU burned out, I wonder if anything else in that computer might be damaged. The PSU could of damage? I would think about buying a new PSU.

    It might be easier if you just do a re-install of OS, games, etc. Some people don't but in my experience I always just go with a fresh install.
  31. Chubbs said:
    Not sure why you wouldn't drop the cpu even to a i3 and buy the GPU. You really don't need a 7850 or a 660 to play LoL or watch 720p anime vids.

    If the CPU burned out, I wonder if anything else in that computer might be damaged. The PSU could of damage? I would think about buying a new PSU.

    It might be easier if you just do a re-install of OS, games, etc. Some people don't but in my experience I always just go with a fresh install.

    Futureproofing is a great idea. He also said he will be playing FF14 when it comes out and some online games, that Im SURE will have more demanding requirements.
  32. not when it comes out, but in the near future, but yeah i want a decent one for the games i will want to play. I'll buy the parts next week w/o gpu. Thanks again nw333
  33. Goodluck! Just a reminder though, the i5 has horrible onboard graphics. :D
  34. as long as it can handle LoL with the lowest setting, im fine with it
  35. oh btw, should i just buy nzxt switch 810 white? damn i love how it looks 8p~~
    im planning to build a high-end pc when i get a more stable job (that should happen in a year or so) and i THINK buying this case now will do me more than buying it at a later date
  36. Its a huge case with good airflow, Ill tell you that. :D Cases are more on personal preference, so Ill leave that decision for you. :)
  37. Yeah, i like the design of the 810, especially the white one. Ill gladly drop the 1TB HDD (since i still my have 500gb EHD + 320gb HDD) just to buy that case. Most cases last at least 5-7 years anyways so i think that'll be a good buy
  38. well lady luck really hates me. I can't find a NZXT case anywhere lol
  39. You can ask PChub to order from another PChub branch.
  40. Best answer selected by zilentworld.
  41. I went derp mode and bought Strike X Advance White. I still like it anyways.
    Here's what i bought - Total Cost ~21000php~

    i5 3450
    MSI z77-g43
    Gskill 1333 CL9 8gb single
    Strike X Advance White

    Salvaged Parts:
    WD 320gb HDD
    CD/DVD writer (dunno what brand)
    Huntkey 500w Green Power
    Hyper Tx3 Evo

    My pc is DEAD SILENT rofl. Well i haven't have the chance to play on it anyways and im still monitoring it. Thanks again Nw333
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