Is it a must to stress test a brand new gpu outta the box

I ask if its a must to stress test out a brand new gpu because when i first built my pc a week ago the first day everything seemed good id be installing all my games installing all the software the gpu updates the cpu hyper threading the motherboard updates and so on a average gaming rig install the nxt day i had experienced some black screens and the display coming back on saying graphics card had stoped working but had successfuly recovered and then the nxt day it did it more and introduced me to the red screen then black then came back on and the nxt day it was doin same thing but with a blue then black and a red then black screen and in that same day would show a red screen and would not recover and same thing happened the nxt day but then introduced me to the display signal being lost i was playing on the pc then suddenly monitor went black and had a orange led which indicates its not pluged into any display output on the pc then when i restart my pc and it start up like normal then when it came to loading the desktop after log in. was watching it then it had gorn all fuzed up and such and even thou im using a VGA with the vga adaptor on the back of the pc i would unplug wait 2 secs and plug back in and still didnt do anything and it dose same thing even if i had hdmi pluged into it and i know all its all the signs of a dieing gpu which is why im sending it back to where i got it from but starting 2 days ago it didnt do anything at all ive been experiencing no stoped working it renders vids with out playing up it runs furmark and msi kombustor fine thou i did only run them 30 mins for both just because im busy with my gamin but anyways since it hasnt played up in 2 days or hasnt done anything that it usually has done in the daily thing of stop working and such the only thing it dose still do is when im recording games with fraps like bf3 my fps is 60 -70 fps on high settings 1280x1050 and i run fraps to record gameplay and it stays on 40-50 fps no probs their but if it records more then 3or 4 mins then it goes right down to 1 -5 fps untill i stop recording when i stop it goes back up to 60-70fps but when i put it back on it goes right back down again it could be a fraps problem but in the whole thing could this just be it was playing up so much because it was breaking in my new computer because remember i had only built this pc a week ago and only 2 days ago it had stoped playing up or could it just be the calm b4 the storm begins again my gpu is a Sapphire 7770Ghz OC edition and i have 8gbs of kingston hyperx ram and a i5 3450 cpu
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  1. I can't even read that crap. You want to try again with some sort of sentence structure and punctuation?
  2. After you said all that in a run on sentence - you dont need to stress test your GPU; install most recent drivers and it should perform. If you have problems like you mentioned you may have a bad card and may need to RMA for another
  3. batty251 said:

    I didn't bother reading what you posted since it is basically a wall of text without any real structure; like periods [.] to end a sentence.

    I simply test new video cards by playing games.
  4. ok, I have no idea what you said. please go through and edit for grammar, punctuation, and split it in to paragraphs :)

    that aside, I personally like to stress test my PC after I put it together simply because I typically order my parts from online and stress-testing can reveal any potential shipping damage etc. if everything survives a 24hr burn-in without crashing, I'll know how my system operates, expected temperatures for various tasks, and if it crashes I can trouble shoot early while I can still return parts to the vendor. This is better than RMAing later because if it turns out the issue is due to a design flaw that I didn't find out about before I bought the part, I can then return it and buy a different part.
  5. Is this the stress test you are referring to, trying to read this big long-ass run on post? If so, I fail, I can't do it, its way too stressful to try and read.
  6. Stress test is useful to know is u had bad card or u had unstable system....

    The earlier u detect it the better, since if it within couple days the warranty claim will be easier
  7. ok if u all want a refresh but dosent matter really but if u guys like i will....................................... ok i got a graphics card 2 weeks ago . and its being dieing since the day after i got it. and its had many problems but only that day i

    posted that comment it had done something different. that i could never find on the net was wondering if its a new thing my dieing video card decided to do or is it my system contributing to it . and the thing that has happened to it was it was using all

    the ram on the graphics card aka it had 1gb and was using 997mbs of the video card ram and running 60-70-80-90% it would depend sometimes it do it 60%sometimes 70% sometimes 80% sometimes 90%. and when it uses all that ram on the video card

    the Frames lagg alot and if i minimize it while its doin that i have 3gbs ram free still outta 8gbs ... so was it my dieing video card doin it and not accepting system ram or was my system playin up as well not givin my dieing video card memory
  8. if it was just because my video card was dieing then im happy if its not then im worried when i get my 660ti when it comes out in august
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