When is the best time of the year to upgrade? How to bargain shop

I have ~$1500 set aside to build a new PC. I have a general idea of what components I want to put in it but I was wondering if there is an "ideal" time of year to purchase PC components when manufacturers drop prices or retailers have big sales.

For example the last time I upgraded my PC it was during the Black Friday sales and I feel like I saved around $100 total on my build just by purchasing during the big retail sales.

In general, are there consistent times during the year when manufacturers release components or drop pricing on components or retailers have big sales that lead to considerable savings?

If it's not worth waiting I will just buy the parts now, I just figured I might be able to get an even better setup by waiting for the opportune time to buy.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. After Thanksgiving to xmas, thats when deep discount/price cut and some potential new genenration of hardware is out.
  3. That's what I figured but I receive so many "sale" newsletters from newegg and amazon that I didn't know if the holiday sales were actually any better than let's say the labor day weekend sales that happened a couple weeks ago.
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