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Hi. I am using a Vizio 22" 1080p LCD as a second monitor for my laptop. I hooked it up with a display port cable that has an HDMI end. In general it looks ok but the text isn't nearly as sharp as the laptop's screen. Clear type is turned on.
1. Is ther any way to fix this?
2. I really want at least a 30" screen. Is there some spec to look out for in a LCD TV that would make it better with text?
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  1. right click on screen, choose resolution, where it says monitor, choose the vizio 22" over the standard laptop display, then click on resolution and bring up to 1368 x 768 resolution (recommended), this should be indicated as the top choice for that size screen, BTW it's 720p only, it's 1080i, as in you need higher then 1680 x 1050 resolution to qualify as 1080p, look it up, did extensive research on that, if it's LED then it may be possible, but I know that brand and most 1080p LCD screen are actually 42" and bigger.
  2. Actually that setting makes it worse. The text is larger and fuzzier. In the screen resolution settings it says the recommended resolution for the tv is 1920x 1200. The text is still a little blurry at that setting. No where near as crisp as the laptop display.
  3. Buy a monitor not a TV ...
  4. Sorry for the snippy response, but the TV just isn't going to be as sharp.

    The best view you will get is at the TV's default resolution -- I assume thats 1080, but if not use whatever the TV uses as default.
  5. 120 hz is must for long periods of gaming so much better on the eyes when using a tv
    3hrs at atime (sessions) 120hz is a must. Viizio has newer tv's that are not aht bad but at a smaller size buy a monitor in most cases they are cheaper
  6. Forgot mention I don't game. I know a monitor would be better, but the 30" ones are $$$$
  7. Does your laptop actually support higher resolutions than its own screen? you never posted it's specs -- its possible the laptop is holding you back.
  8. the only option you have is to lower the resolution
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