Cooling/CPU issues question!

So, I use the AMD 8 core, overclocked to 4.23 ghz.
I've never been impressed with this machine's temp recording in the BIOS, so I wanted to improve the scores.
First step was the H-80 liquid cooling.
Love that cooler, it is amazing.
I've been using that for almost a year now.
Recently, I took it off, too apply something other than the stock thermal paste.
However, ever since then, I get HUGE temp spikes, my sound has been going haywire, etc.
So, I took it off the CPU cooler again, and UH OH....
The plate is all scratched up.
I don't think it's directly on where it contacts the CPU, but it's very close.
I'm wondering if I should replace this.
I reapplied the thermal paste (cleaned it off better and added more than I did last time.
It seems to have improved a bit, but it could tank anytime.
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  1. Hi :)

    RECEMENT with Artic silver...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. That's what I just did. Seems to be working perfect right now.
    But the question is, is should I eventually replace the CPU cooler (THE h-80)
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