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I am wondering what graphics card i should get. I am running a amd fx 4100 hd and a nvidia geoforce gt 520 with a 500w power supply.
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  1. Need a bit more info. Budget, main use(s) of the card, make and model of the power supply(not all 500w power supplys are created equal).
  2. i appreciate the help and i have no clue what type it is im not at home right now. But i want to use it for gaming. I have $400 but would obviously want to go for less than that
  3. Assuming you have a good quality 500w psu, then a you could get a HD 7950($350), if not get a HD 7870($300) and spend the other $100 in the budget on a good PSU like a Corsair TX 650 v2 or TX 750 v2.
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