New build, CPU temperatures to high?

So I have just finished my new build with an i5 3570k and a Cooler Master hyper 612s at its core. I decided to run a burn test using prime95 and my temperatures peaked at about 62 degrees Celsius after half an hour. Now this is my first time with the new ivy bridge processors and first ever use of the hyper 612.
Would these temperatures be reasonable for a non-overclocked ivy bridge or could there be something wrong with my installation of the parts or the parts themselves?
Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 62C is pretty good under full load. Try Intel burn test. That should be a little higher.
  2. If you are reading core temp, that should be fine. Intel only lists the tcase temp for that processor, and list it at 67.4C
    As I understand it, Intel embeds a thermocouple under the heat spreader between the cores and uses this tcase temp in their testing. The core temp that you are actually reading would normally run even a bit higher because it is read at a thermocouple junction within the core(s) itself. So, 62C core temp should be quite fine.
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