My Monitor goes black

Okey.... so i had this pc for few months now maby like 4-5 months something and yesterday i was playing dead island with my friend and what happen my monitor went black But... i can hear the game sound its like monitor has been disconnected from GPU i turned my monitor off and on still nothing then after few second this nasty smell came from my desktop that smell was like something was burned so i quick turned off my pc and turn back again.
what i notice that i cannot play games when i start playing my monitor goes black but i can at least play MINECRAFT :d and watch movies browse internet so i been thinking maby its GPU because it says disconnected from my pc
Sooo my pc specs are
*OS:Windows Vista Ultimate
*CPU:Intel Core Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz
*Hard drive:1TB
*Power Suppply:700W

I dont know what to do should i upgrade graphic card or just save up money and get new computer
my monitor resolution is 1440x900
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  1. was there a recent thunderstorm in your district?
  2. was there a recent thunderstorm in your district?
  3. Try using another video cable. Could be that the cable has a bad pin or something.
  4. it cannot be cable because that cable is brand new and i think its graphic card because that stinky smell came from it i think
  5. What i did now i play the game in windowed mode and it works but if its fullscreen it just goes black what problem can that be graphic card?
  6. Try to uninstall/reinstall the driver. IF not, then get that card RMAd
  7. yes i did but i dont know whats wrong i can play few games like i tested battlefield bad company 2 and counter strike 1.6 it works but like world of warcraft garrys mod dead island and more when i start them monitor goes black then i leaved for few minutes that smell came like from power supply
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