Windows vista wont connect to netgear router

I am running windows vista on my HP laptop (sorry not sure what kind of laptop it is it just says HP on it) it wil no longer connect to my wireless NETGEAR WNR2000v3 and when I do get it, its local only. I recently had virus infections removed from someone who used AVIRA and MBAM (malaware anti bytes)

*edit* I tried to disable the autoscaling feature in windows and it did not work *edit*

*edit* I am running windows vista home 32bit *edit*

*EDIT* I can connect to the router now I had the wrong security type selected WPA instead of WPA2, but it still reports local only, I checked my router logs and it shows that it connects but it does not give me information on if it is blocking the laptop from the internet or if my laptop is. I have tried turning off the windows firewall and resetting it as well now.*EDIT*

I have tried the things listed below

- uninstall and reinstall windows wireless adapter drivers through computer managment
- disablied IPv6 through wirless adapter properties (unchecking the box)
- reset my rounter entirely (after which I can no longer connect to the router at all, where as before I did this I was able to connect to my router but it was local only) held the reset button for 10 or more seconds plus unplugged my modem and router for 5 mins, I know its alot of time for that but I was eating but regardless, after which I turned on my modem let all the lights go through their setup then I turned on the router let all the lights do their thing, and then my laptop to make sure everything picked up new settings.

-something threw me off also under computer managment under the network adapters there were ipv6 to ipv4 "tunnels" or something, they had the yellow warning sign on it.
-When I run ipconfig /all a TON of connections show up, this makes me think that there are virus remnants left so if this is the wrong forum please just let me know. I can also list my ipconfig /all if it will help

I would really appreacaite some help with this if anyone can ASAP I cannot stay plugged into my router but I know im on your time so thank you very much for reading and or helping me with this. I will be monistoring this thread as well as tracking it with my email expect a somewhat prompt reply.
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  1. control panel --> Internet Options ---> Connection tab --> LAN settings Button --> make sure Proxy server is unchecked
  2. thank you for that option I checked and it is unchecked I have started a HJT ticket to make sure the viruses I removed are all gone since the last edit of this post I have ran mr fixt it for a number of tests as well as norton removal tool b/c I did remove it before this problem started all to no avail I am now in the process of making sure I have more more malaware or w/e of anykind after which I trouble shoot my wireless (also my router logs have recorded dos attacks and remote access so I have that as well this ticket can be closed thank you everyone for your time sorry for this run on sentence im in a hurry need to catch my bus
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