I5 2500k temps too high?

I just overclocked my intel i5 to 4.7. I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 heatsink with it. When I ran the Intel Stress Test with 10 passes it went to (at times - not the whole time) from 70-90 but then back down under 70. The test completed saying that it was stable. So i decided to try out Battlefield 3, and my temps have been anywhere form 50-62c.. is this ok? or do i need to take it down a notch? I am new to overclocking so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. IMO that seems high on both the stress test and when gaming. I have an I5 cooled by a Hyper 212 at 4.6 Ghz at stock voltages and it idles in the low 30's. When gaming it goes into the 45-50 degrees. Under a Prime 95 stress test I think it was in the 60's. I would make sure the heatsink is on right and fully secure. If that doesn't work I would re-apply thermal paste.
  2. How did you apply the paste? You probably put too much, most people tend to do that, either that or, apply it incorrectly.
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